David Synn is a musician/composer from Charleston WV. His first EP, Frequency Of Static, was released in 2010. It was self produced and well received. After taking a year long break from his signature Electronica sound to join the band Godmode Broadway, he got back into the studio to write and record his first full length album Digital Ideations in 2012.  Digital Ideations picked up where Frequency of Static left off, cementing David's signature sound. After a year and a half with Godmode, the band called it quits in 2013. David soon joined another local Charleston band- StychNtyme. A polar opposite from the Dillinger Escape Plan sounds of Godmode Broadway, StychNtyme resembled more the likes of Static X or Linkin Park. David has said that he had the performances of his life with StychNtyme but the band eventually would break up in 2014. Deciding it was time to focus on being a solo artist again, he released Soulmates, a well received classical piano style album in 2014. Recording the songs in the order they were written and having almost a "concept album" vibe without the lyrics, David has stated he believes it is his best work to date.  Around this time he was signed to Empty Glass Records. He re-released Frequency of Static and Digital Ideations as a double CD titled The David Synn Collection through EGR. After Soulmates he released the album, Art Is Dead, styled after the heavy industrial sounds of Skinny Puppy and KMFDM. Art Is Dead featured some of Charleston's heavy hitters including Johnny Compton and Lee Harrah and was produced by Jamie Skeen. David is currently working with Kenny Booth from the popular Charleston band Trielement on a new project called Membrane Cell. "It's part electronic, part progressive and very experimental." Synn hopes to take this new project out live and record with it in the near future.




Stereotypes are meant to be broken.”

— David Synn


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